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The first-generation frames were made for the use of a single person. These were the frames that put an end to dragons during the first wave of aggression.


If he were to charge forward this straight passageway, everyone in the squad would become a beehive. There were not enough materials to use as a shield, and Simon didn't have enough energy to do it again.


Ark's military forces were currently in battle against the enemy. Ark's anti-aircraft guns barraged against the planes. The planes fell down like a flock of birds.


Han only had a few steps remaining now. He had used most of his strength crossing a mere fifty meters. Now he was moving forward on sheer will power. He took out a numbing ampule from his waist pocket. He just had to shoot this into the Elu mage's body.


Silence replied matter of factly. A blue text flashed on his helmet shield. Han momentarily took off his battle helmet. It had been made of high quality material with good ventilation, but it was unavoidable sweating buckets.


The North ruthlessly fired their nuclear bombs, but it had been useless. On the contrary, it had made North Korea a land of death.

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He couldn't even process what just happened. He grabbed his arm, and then he was up in the air. All the bones in his body hurt. Han would have been gravely hurt if it wasn't for the sparring ring.


"KEEEEEE!" The Elu screamed and hurried to escape. Bullets pinned the Elu's body and left a trail of blood on the floor.


The solution that had been mixed into their incubator had been from a dragon psychic core; they had diluted a dragon heart to create a highly potent psychic energy solution.


Han had been transferred based on the sergeants' letters of recommendation and the events related to Kuro, even though his psychic skills were subpar.


"It was just luck. Our opponents were easy to read because they were so strong. Squad 9 who specialize in marksmanship would deploy their best for the 4 member squad, I could read their plans like an open book. If our opponent had not been talented in marksmanship, and instead depended on psychic and close combat powers this plan would not have worked."


Han stared at Simon. He was sitting in the front row of the class like a typical honor student. He probably already learned everything already, but listened with focus.


Han's heart pounded. He didn't know that he would get to pilot a psychoframe so quickly. He listened to Octo's explanations as he fully equipped Oldman. He had to equip and secure each body part one by one.



Canute said. He was going to take Han's place and crawl through the air vent. He had a healing skill, and something like a gunshot wound was nothing to fear. He would feel the pain just the same, but he could endure that much. Anyway, this method would be better than seeing Han die.



Han's lips trembled as he spoke. He wanted to give up on everything. The guilt pressed down on his entire being. However, he was put as the second-in-command. He had not forgotten.


Kuro was looking sporadically in every which direction. There were no particular dangers right now. The two sides continued to prolong the deadlock.


The grenade launcher made a light tink as the grenade was shot. The power of the explosion would be more than enough to kill everyone here.

  • Han had poured in a generous amount of gun repair oil into the airbeat storage spaces. Each airbeat has their own engine. The combination of Jose's ignition skills and flammable oil would be enough to cause an explosion.
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