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With this, it would be possible to throw just as far while using minimal psychic power. This was one of the few unique skills he created.


"I am aware. I'm not trying to take responsibility for my mistakes just now. It's just that I'm the best candidate for this role, so I had volunteered to do so. We don't have time to relax here. We will proceed with the military operation immediately. I will attack from behind the dimensional crack. You guys will distract them from the front with your guns. We will start the attack in fifteen minutes. The current time is 14:33. Move out."


A man letting out terrible groans appeared while crawling to them. He wore a white gown and appeared to be one of the researchers of this place. Herald remained composed and maintained his gun position.


Han explained. Han's grades were the best in not just weapon arts, but all other military-related classes. Naturally, he became the squad leader to command the team.


The thirteenth squad lowered their bodies and moved along with the tree. They peeked out shortly from above the tree one by one to check the situation.


Han sent the message and proceeded forward. He could see his opponent's defense team. Jose's team was in the middle of fighting against them. Some of squad 6 were already injured. It seems his squad's situation wasn't as good as he thought.

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At the fourth mock battle ground, Kuro fiddled with his gun nervously. Han made a temporary team to rescue the first years. This was the first time he's been left out of Han's battle plans.


Han said while carefully leading the way. This time, it had not been smoke from a crashed airplane. Someone was making the smoke on purpose. Jose, Canute, and Kuro were gathered around the area as well as two more from other squads. Han's still expression softened into a faint smile.


The people were of and from various ethnicities and countries. The executives of Ark made small talk with the inspectors while keeping courteous smiles. Their words carried a sharp eloquence, which vastly contrasted the smile he wore.


The party continued deep into the night. Jose ate until his belly was about to burst, then fell asleep on his bed. Canute had returned earlier to rest up due to his injuries. Kuro and Han stayed behind to clean up and left the room.


It seems to be the case because they required a weapon that could enable them to penetrate deep into the dragon. Axes or blunt weapons were not included among the various psyker gear.


-You're lucky to be able to transfer up into third year with such meager psychic skills.


The team with greater control of the airbeat has the upper hand in this challenge. Excluding the airbeats, there were pillar platforms, but these were few in number and its surface area very small.



"As you already understand, you have three weeks. In three weeks, if you are unable to manifest your psychic powers then you will be sent home."



Han did not wish to understand Inspector Rue's words. He simply hoped to protect his younger siblings and peers. Great effort was required if he wanted to see this hope through. He must save humanity from extinction.


He helped to plant the belief of victory in the hearts of the citizens and helped to persuade youths to volunteer their lives to the military. At the end of the last war of aggression, he enlisted into the Ark institution, and had been threatened to backtrack his decision. Everyone in his family died during the war, and so he left to enlist without fear.


Han swiftly moved across before the fear would strangle him again. He increased his speed, though this would increase his chance of falling.

  • There had never been a case of Elus using guns. They never used the gears which belonged to humans. It seemed to have been a taboo of their species. But the Elu here broke the taboo and used guns while fully equipped with human-made equipment.
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